Automatically Download Cryptocurrency Data to Google Sheets

Your favorite cryptocurrency services directly in Google Sheets. Start your 14-Day Free Trial. Install the Spreadstreet Add-in for Google Sheets.

Work with digital currency services in Google Sheets. Start your 14-Day Free Trial.

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Your favorite digital currency services, all in one place.

Pull 1-minute candles from Bitfinex. Pull mining equipment from Cryptocompare. No programming skills required. Just a few clicks through our interface and you are good to go.

Super simple, built-in function.

The “SS” function allows tremendous customization and flexibility. Remove hours of “export from app, copy and paste to sheet, and spot check” from your week.

Getting started with the add-in

Using the CoinMarketCap API

Using the “SS” function


Help Center

Our help center contains useful resources to help you get started with the Excel add-in.


Feel free to contact us at any time for questions.

Install the Spreadstreet Excel Add-In

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